About Lisa Fredi

It is very simple. I love animals, I love people and I love nature and I love photography. It is a great marriage of love and respect.

Capturing people’s pets or moments in people’s lives is, for me, giving a gift, a memory, they didn’t realize they would treasure for a lifetime. I have lost special people and special pets in my life and having photos that memorialize those good times is priceless. One of my favorite photos is of my husband standing on the beach on Kauai from our honeymoon. To this day, we look at that photo and it is like being there all over again. We can almost smell the papaya, the ocean and the flowers. Being able to give that to people is something I feel honored to share.

I was born in Los Angeles, raised in San Diego and went to college in San Francisco. While I don’t look the part, I definitely am a California girl. I currently live in Los Angeles. I feel incredibly lucky to get to live, work and play here.

For me, photographing people and pets in natural light, and in their own environment, is a more effective way of capturing the spirit of a subject. The results speak for themselves. I specialize in catching the true spirit of a subject which yields a fun, candid and fully self-expressed image.

I shoot with an extraordinary new state-of-the-art camera that allows me to take beautiful and crisp digital images I can see instantly. It allows me to be spontaneous and yet it allows me to also be sure I get the image I want and you want.

It is funny to call this a job. Let me get this straight, I get to do what I love, be with people and pets and play, make them happy and on top of that make a living? Pinch me. I must be dreaming!